SIGGRAPH Student Services, colloquially known as S3, is an ACM SIGGRAPH committee whose primary mission is to bring additional value to the student members of SIGGRAPH.

Established in 2007, the SIGGRAPH Student Services, colloquially known as S3 is an ACM SIGGRAPH committee whose primary mission is to bring additional value to the student members of SIGGRAPH. The Student Services Committee also provides continuity and institutional memory for the student volunteer and intern programs at SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia and collaborates with other SIGGRAPH entities (conferences, committees, etc.) on issues that affect student members. S3 currently maintains and is in the process of expanding three key programs - resume and reel reviews, mentoring for ACM SIGGRAPH student members known as Mentor Me, and a series of webinars and talks.


S3’s flagship program is their resume and reel review offerings known as S3R3. S3 understands that resumes and reels are a constant source of confusion and frustration for students and new graduates. As such, S3R3 aims to remove some of the guesswork by providing professional advice and opinions to ACM SIGGRAPH student members. Students are matched to industry professionals based on their desired work field and job skills and provide the resume and/or reel for review and expert advice. S3R3 is offered on-site during both the SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia conferences, as well as being offered virtually during the year.

S3 is in the process of expanding their one-on-one mentoring program called Mentor Me. Mentor Me aims to match students with professionals that have agreed to give their time to offer guidance and insight into their chosen field. The mentor sessions are facilitated through email, phone meetings, and in some cases in-person, which is typically during the SIGGRAPH or SIGGRAPH Asia conferences when the community comes together. S3 hopes that these mentorships can turn into long lasting professional connections for our members. To date, S3 has been able to match Student Volunteers (SVs) from the SIGGRAPH Conferences but is planning to expand to all interested ACM SIGGRAPH student members during the year.

S3’s final offering is a series of informative webinars and talks on varying topics offering advice, tips, and insight on everything from careers to technical knowledge. These webinars are conducted throughout the year and allow many to benefit from the wisdom of our great speakers and mentors. Previous topics include, how to make the most of attending the SIGGRAPH conference and unlocking information in iOS game development, animation, and digital media.

Additional Services

Beyond the three student facing programs above, S3 also maintains the body of knowledge for the Student Volunteer program in the form of the Student Volunteers Chair Handbook. As SIGGRAPH continues to expand and provide more conferences abroad, such as SIGGRAPH Asia, there is occasionally the need to stand up Student Volunteer committees as seen in the main SIGGRAPH conference. When this need arises, the S3’s year round committee helps provide the background of support and provides institutional knowledge on how to get set-up. This year S3 provided on-site support to the SIGGRAPH Asia Student Volunteer program, as well as provided the aforementioned programs of S3 R3 and Mentor Me to on-site student members.