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S3's Mission is to bring additional value to the student members of SIGGRAPH.

Many people become student members by first being accepted into the SIGGRAPH Conference Student Volunteer Program. Student Volunteers, SV's for short, work at the conference in exchange for conference attendance and in some cases housing and travel for the conference week. They help guide attendees around the conference center, staff the SIGGRAPH stores and various booths, function as translators, check badges at doors and many more jobs crucial to a successful conference. As an added benefit to all student members, including SVs, S3 is building a mentoring program to help inspire and aid them in their journeys toward entry into the professional world.


S3 is in the process of rolling out three key programs. The first of these is a series of webinars on varying topics offering advice, tips, and insight on everything from careers to technical knowledge. These webinars will allow many to benefit from the wisdom of our great speakers and mentors.

The second program is resume and reel review. Resumes and reels are a constant source of confusion and frustration for students and new graduates. We aim to take out some of the guesswork by providing professional advice and opinions to ACM SIGGRAPH student members. See some of our quality reviewers here.

The third program is one on one mentoring by professionals that have agreed to give their time to offer guidance and insight into their chosen field. This will be facilitated through email, phone meetings, and in some cases one to one meetings. Our greatest hope is that we can help foster true mentorships and lo lasting professional connections for our members.