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MentorMe aims to match students ACM Student Members and Student Chapters’ members with industry professionals that have agreed to give their time to offer guidance and insight into their chosen field. The mentor sessions are facilitated through email, phone meetings, and in some cases in-person, which is typically during the SIGGRAPH or SIGGRAPH Asia conferences when the community comes together. S3 hopes that these mentorships can turn into long lasting professional connections for our members. To date, S3 has been able to match Student Volunteers (SVs) from the SIGGRAPH Conferences but is planning to expand to all interested ACM SIGGRAPH student members during the year.

Mentors and mentees will be paired during a three month long cohort to conduct career path or professional discussions. All meeting requests are coordinated directly between mentors and mentees. We hope that mentors and mentees can meet at least one or two times per month for approximately 1 hour total per month.

The MentorMe program is currently conducting its Summer-Fall cohort. The next cohort will open in Spring 2019.